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Women the men's stall

In the video, he trashes a bathroom and covers it with graffiti.
In Withnail I, the protagonist sees some graffiti in a bathroom stall which reads, "I fuck arses This, combined with his encounter with a man who called him a ponce, causes him to be so scared that, as his voiceover tells us, he can't even.The janitor who discovers it (having been frustrated by the high-tech indelible marker ink of the future) eventually ends up involved and uses his experience with graffiti to blast both sides and they want to elect him emperor of the future, but being stupidly determined.Usually, it's phone numbers, or crude insinuations about characters (often the very character who's reading it).Just don't tell that to Therese, her twin sister/other personality.Burn, you fucking dumbshits.In The Walking Dead Clementine finds a TON of it in the bathroom of the first episode.In The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, the title character gets sent to the headmaster's office for writing a poem in the boys' toilet.Frasier : Niles apparently goes into the bathroom stalls of the local coffee bar and corrects the grammar and spelling of the graffiti with a red marker.Robin Series : Every time Tim visits the bathroom at high school the stalls within are written on, and usually the mirrors too.In the Church and State arc of Cerebus the Aardvark, during Cerebus' interrogation of Astoria, she reveals that she originated the "One less mouth to feed is one less mouth to feed" line Cerebus used in one of his sermons.This was removed for the VHS/DVD release."I pay for sex stoke on trent read the graffiti in the bathroom stall.We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.Often heard girls looking for sex in north carolina it, but never thought.(Think think excuse think) You are.Hoodsie blocks out the rest.The Bugs Bunny cartoon "Fresh Hare" has three "wanted" posters of Bugs defaced with graffiti.

Squid Hat: they didn't!
Occasionally you'll find poetry, pithy sayings (which, appropriately, can be filled with.