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When sex becomes an addiction

He's currently treating a couple in which the wife cannot tolerate her husband even looking at other women.
But a sex addict must learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy adult dating services lakeside arizona sexual behavior.A sex addiction can be hard to diagnose.It is important for a person seeking help for a sexual addiction to find a trained and skilled therapist who understands the nuances of healthy sexual relationships versus unhealthy ones, and can help guide the person toward long-term recovery.7 Sources American Society of Addiction Medicine.We were made for sex, how can that be an addiction?Like drug or alcohol dependence, it affects the addicts mental health, personal relationships, quality of life, and safety.If this is the consistent choice that is being made in your life, be aware that this is much more than just liking sex.Is it possible to be addicted to sex?Like a compulsive eater, a sex addict must learn the difference between natural, healthy urges and addictive ones.It is somewhat common, but is often not diagnosed.Keep in mind, there are many therapists and groups that specialize in sexual addiction, dealing with the real core hurts, creating healthy choices, and helping you learn to enjoy healthy sex rather than using it in an addictive manner that will lead to more frustration.These programs, including Sexaholics Anonymous and Sex Addicts Anonymous, use the same principles found in other well-known 12-step addiction programs.This could be sex with a partner, but it can also mean activities such as pornography, masturbation, visiting prostitutes or using chat lines.