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Rana Does Not Like Men but Taurok's nobility quickly wins her over.
The two of them.
He was the first person who went out of his way to befriend her in spite of her cool demeanor.I awoke that chilly autumn morning thinking this is going to be a good day.On the other hand, Wallace is relieved by this so the relationship wouldn't work for a different reason.A bit later, the Gorgon tells Dor she realized this and vehicle loan maturity date asks Dor what sort of man would do such a thing.Pearl put Rose on a pedestal and couldn't accept that Rose would keep stuff even from her.Heavily implied with La Muerte.It takes a kind Shepard who truly wants what's best for her to get to a real romance.( And Finn in the past, since it's all but stated he is Nanna's dad and thus Lachesis's Second Love.) Also, while Pirn is a Punch Clock Hero, what draws Lara to him is how he did not take advantage of her when he could.Rachel and Quinn both choose the sweet, ditzy Finn over the Troubled, but Cute Puck in Glee.The inverse is true as well: Takeo fell for Rinko because she's unfailingly kind, generous, and in his words, "pure-hearted".All of the successful romantic leads are decent, all around reliable guys.The same can be said as for the Griffith-Charlotte couple.In Pokemon Reset Bloodlines, a major reason why Misty starts falling for Ash is because of how kind and caring.Alistair is a hunky prince of a guy (literally) and Cullen's at his sweetest and most chivalrous in the same game where he got Promoted to Love Interest.Though seemingly rare, some people out there will be glad to know that, yes, this can be Truth in Television.Shawn realizes that his The Casanova ways aren't doing him any favors and changes his tune, which impresses the girl and convinces her to give him another chance.When Chuckie and friends confront them during an incident and Kimi calls them out for making wild assumptions, Z points out that Chuckie only did this because he cares alot about her and doesn't show any bitterness for their assumptions.I love you because when you vow to protect someone, you don't screw it up every five minutes like.
There's even a sidequest later in the game, to restore her lost memories, which concludes with Renado and the others giving them a moment alone.