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What women want survey

Just when you think you know what women want, bam.
Duh:.9 of men answered that they want electronics.
It's interesting that when asked what they want to give this season, the overwhelming choice is also not jewelry.Take the online survey or upload a photo of yourself with the, what Women Want sign and demand your right to quality reproductive and maternal healthcare.What Women Want survey, which gathered the views of 10,000 women via the distribution of 1 million postcards, the new question will run for four months online, giving women up and down the country a chance to voice their opinion and support other people's answers.So what do women really want?So there's the proof: One can actually never go wrong with a gift card for most women.And then again, a gift card in any of those categories can't hurt.Men oklahoma adult dating really do not want jewelry.If you can believe it, teeth and grammar were high up on the list of importance to both men and women.Treats me with respect 84, the person is someone I can trust and confide.Write to Naomi Mannino.Additionally men also want gift cards (75.6) and clothing (66.6).About 49 said they would get into a committed relationship with someone who still lived with their parents.Don't get her sporting goods (only.9 of the female respondents picked this music (30.1 or movies (33.5) unless she is fanatic in any one of those categories.Even better, get her a gift card to a favorite fashion store or electronics retailer.Resources, find the paper survey, implementation and translation guidelines, messaging documents, and how to have your local survey results counted globally.And, what do men want?From October 9 to October 23, 2012, m polled 1,125 Americans, age 18 and over, about their holiday shopping plans using multiple choice questions and short-answer questionnaires.For those who really have no clue, opt for a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express gift card (and get one with no usage or activation fees).Sue Tibballs, OBE and founder of the initiative says: "In 1996 the priorities expressed by women made for powerful reading and showed how female perspectives could be different to the dominant views heard in society.Both sexes say humor is an important quality in a potential partner, and when it comes to finances, 65 would not date someone with credit card debt greater than 5,000.Because that's the question being put to the UK's female population today, in attempt to find out what matters most to women in 2016.
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