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What women want from 40

Women can have male friends without ever being sexually attracted to them.
Men have to get over the "I wanna sleep with you" threshold before they can be just friends with a female.
Ol style13 li, tickle tickle.So, do not complain when we take a long time to get ready.If you have a password or lock on your phone, you're hiding something, and we will find out.She knows to not react immediately, to choose the right time to talk and to not yell.Its important that you always remember that your friends were there before you met someone.Still, it takes balls and motivation to share our undercover intel when it really matters.How much effort does it take for you to look good? .They take "I love you" seriously.Some even prefer it doesn't.After all, theyre 40 and more mature.A lamp and a book, candles and matches, a flash light, a cork screw, and a 20 year old cassette player, round out the contents of my night stand.At this time in life, she wants a man for companionship and money is /ol spacer height30 mobile_hidetrue.When she says that she loves you, she means it and it's special, not a tease.She knows what she wants, is self-assured and will not be involved in a relationship with someone who is not ready to put in the work search sex offender registry indiana or someone who plays emotional games.Then, you wise up and find out life is not always as we dreamed as little girls.We fall asleep to iTunes and wake up to updates.Eye masks changed my life.
The more we yell at you, the more we care.

We go to the bathroom in pairs or groups for multiple reasons.
We would much rather know you loathe our perfume rather than breakup with us suddenly because of that.