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What is the maturity date of ee bonds

If you use the bond money to pay certain qualifying educational expenses, you may not have to pay federal income tax on the interest.
If they don't, the Treasury will add additional value to make up the difference.
The higher the interest rate, the sooner the maturity.If you cash the bonds before five years, you'll forfeit three months' worth of interest.Treasury securities yields shown in the table below, which apply sex offender registry durham nc to bonds and notes issued adult personales before May 1995, and held for at least five years, are calculated each May 1 and November.Cashing EE Bonds, you don't have to wait until original or final maturity to cash EE bonds, but you must wait at least one year.April 1 October 1, may, may 1 November.For bonds issued after June 2003, final maturity is 10 years after the original maturity.The market-based rate is: Set at 85 of the average of these yields for the applicable earning periods.Interest on bonds dated prior to May 1997 is added twice a year, so cashing them before a payment date lowers your payout.As owner of an EE bond, you pay federal income tax, but not state or local income tax, on the interest the bond earns.On one path, interest is earned only at a guaranteed rate or guaranteed rates for the entire period.Over time, with compounded interest, the bond growsor, if matured, grewin value.You may also decide to pay tax on the interest every year.
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On the other path, interest is earned only at market-based rates for the entire period.
Whether starting a business or trying to expand an existing business, there is often a need for additional funding.
Should I redeem bonds in a particular month?