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Us savings bonds final maturity date

Buying Paper Series EE Savings Bonds.
Year.35.08, year.42.16, year.56.24, year.77.32, year.91.40, year.06.48, year.22.55.
Rates for new bonds are set every May 1st and November 1st by the.S.Interest Rate Calculations The Series I Savings Bond earnings rate is a combination of two separate rates; a fixed rate and an inflation rate.You can own.S.Maturity Periods, the Treasury Department guarantees that new issues of Series EE Savings Bonds will double in value reliable sexdating by 20 years from the issue date.Features include current interest rate, next accrual date, final maturity date, and year-to-date interest earned.If the bond has not reached it's face value, the Treasury will make a one time adjustment up to the face value.Electronic Series EE Savings Bonds are purchased at face value.If you report interest to the IRS every year as the interest accrues.EE Savings Bonds purchased today increase in value every month rather than every six month.What does an I Bond look like?The graph below illustrates interest rates (in pa) offered by recent 6 SSB issues.This is great news for both short term and long term investors!To cash-in an I Savings Bond, simply bring it down to your local bank.Similarly, only the Year 1, Year 5 and Year 10 trends are plotted.It's free and helpful!Here's how the composite rate for I Savings Bonds issued May 1, 2018 thru Oct 31, 2018 is set: Fixed Rate:.30 Semiannual inflation rate.10 Composite rate Fixed rate (2 x Semiannual inflation rate) (Fixed rate x Semiannual inflation rate) Composite rate.0030 (2.The rate for any savings bond can be found in the Redemption Tables available on the TreasuryDirect.1982 Through February 1993.Alternatively, the bond owner can elect to report interest each year as it accrues; however, such an election must apply to all of the owner's accrual-type securities.Currently, SSB Jul 2018 offers the highest 1-year interest rate (1.72 pa) compared to common Fixed Deposits offered by banks.
That's the amount of interest your bonds accrued that year.

If you choose to report interest to the IRS annually, check out the Calculator's YTD Interest feature.