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The Philokalia Other than the Bible, the Philokalia has been referred to as the principle spiritual text for the Eastern Orthodox Church, written by spiritual masters between the 4th and maturity date of a mortgage loan the 15th centuries and compiled.
A Christian Manifesto Francis.
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How Should We Then Live?And as he studied Galatians, as well as Romans, Hebrews, and Psalms, he developed the doctrine of justification by faith alone, by God's grace. .Though potentially challenging, we believe it will be well worth your while.Available here Expand Collapse (Photo: Zondervan/Lee Strobel)The cover flirt naughty (us) of "The Case For Christ" by Christian Apologist Lee Strobel.Buy The Ragamuffin Gospel by visiting here.At one point, it was second only to the Bible in popularity.Lewis' famous argument for Christian doctrine was based off of BBC radio addresses he gave during the Second World War and was first published as a unit in 1952.This book is available to purchase here.The book traces his own journey from atheism to Christianity.Laudato Si' Pope Francis In this letter, Pope Francis calls all Christians and all humans to dialogue about our common home and focuses on consumerism, development, degradation, and the Gospel message as viewed through creation.To purchase I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist, click here now.In his classic book, Peace with God, Graham shares how every person can receive inner peace from God for free, by grace.The Screwtape Letters.The Normal Christian Life is available for purchase here.Tozer Aiden Wilson Tozer's 1948 classic on how to seek God, the impulse to follow Him, and the need for faith even in secular endeavors continues to inspire to this day.Her family perished in concentration camps and she was the only survivor.Augustine The City of God.Lewis, god in the Dock is comprised.
It is a thought-provoking resource for skeptics about Christianity as well as for Christians hoping to better articulate the faith.
So too, in literature, intelligent scholars through the ages have published innumerable insights about the Bible, its interpretation and influence.