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The first visit to the gynecologist examination

the first visit to the gynecologist examination

She also asked at this point if I wanted to get tested for STDs.
Then he or she will open your vagina with a speculum (a metal or plastic instrument) to shine a light inside and take samples of a few cells that will allow her to tell if you have any STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).Word to the wise: put the robe on with the open part in front.If you stop having periods for three months or more.They tend to refer you to people who are comfortable with teens.And if you do develop them, the regular exams will help to detect them early enough so you can get the most effective treatment.You may be nervous about having your first gynecologist exam, but think of your ob-gyn is your partner in sexual health.First, choose a doctor with whom you feel comfortable.Do you take drugs?It's a test you should get done whether you're sexually active or not and you should get tested every 3 years. .I know that's the condition in New York, so I tell my patients that even if their parents call me meet women for sex new mexico and want to discuss their daughter's history or medical conditions, I can't, by law, divulge that information unless the patient gives me permission.She removed the speculum then, letting me know that if I had some spotting after, it was completely normal.You know, the ones that patients in hospital comedies wear so that when they shuffle slowly past the protagonist in their plush slippers, there's that dark comedic moment you realize you can see the patient's butt?Ask your pediatrician for recommendations.Did I have any history of cancer in my fam?
It can be a bit uncomfortable, but if you're relaxed the examination is usually not painful.

The four kinds of examinations are: General physical examination: As with any medical examination, your weight, height and blood pressure will be measured.
So, realizing that I was pushing my luck with the whole "I can totally wait one more year thing, I decided to suck it up and find a gyno.
I'm guessing it's because I was nervous and didn't relax my muscles enough.