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Also onto by means of, using we went on the train/bus wir fuhren mit dem Zug / Bus ; on a bicycle mit dem (Fahr) rad ; on foot/horseback zu Fuß / Pferd ; the heating runs on oil die adult contacts new Heizung wird mit Öl betrieben.
I frowned, my eyebrows raised in confusion.
( phrases ) on account of a causa de on good authority de buena tinta on his authority con su autorización on average por término medio to swear on the Bible prestar juramento sobre la Biblia on a charge of murder acusado de homicidio.
( at the expense of ) this round's on me esta ronda la pago yo, invito yo the tour was on the Council la gira la pagó el Consejo, corrió el Consejo con los gastos de la gira it's on the house la casa invita.Before they departed, they had left implicit instructions that we were not allowed to have any friends over.Tgold1 : Royh,TheBlessedMAN, SmartestPopQueen, Mrlemuel, fobiflex, AOB1, Fiyah, PamelB, Princedami.Qué dan en el teatro?To be on drugs être drogué (e) to have sth on sb evidence against avoir qch search woman for certain hours (de compromettant) contre qn You've got nothing on me!TO BE continued Ever considered making money doing what you love doing?Indicating place, position auf (dat) ; (with vb of motion) auf (acc) ; (on vertical surface, part of body) an (dat) ; (with vb of motion) an (acc) ; the book is on the table das Buch ist auf dem Tisch ; he put the.I mean, sure, I was relieved that it was Adams in my bedroom and not some creepy stranger danger crawling in through the window, but I thought to myself, 'what was Adams Brown doing in my bedroom?' "A-Adams?" I stuttered as I took a few.Sigue en pie la reunión de esta noche?, se lleva a cabo siempre la reunión de esta noche?The night air was chilly and as I silently made my way back to my bedroom I couldn't sway my mind away from the thought of sliding back under the warmth of my plush blanket.He lifted it onto the table.In the state or process.Sobre, encima, en, hacia; before inf.( indicating place, position ) en, sobre on the ceiling sobre el techo on the Continent en Europa with her sex dating 45 hat on her head con el sombrero puesto on page two en la página dos on the right a la derecha on the high seas.We have very specially prepared thunders foryour service.( liter ) woe on woe dolor sobre dolor snow on snow nieve y más nieve.I wondered if it was possible to have a heart attack at my age.I could see every perfectly chiseled muscle through the thin fabric of his shirt, which instantly caused me to breathe in sharply.Onboard computer nbrdkmpjut n plane, train, spacecraft ordinateur m de bord on preposition When on is the second element in a phrasal verb, eg live on, lecture on, look up the verb.
We have different kinds of thunders for cluding the e type that will confuse the person's love ease order your thunders now at affordableprices.* *Heavy Thunder*-#1000* *Medium Thunder*-#750* *Small Thunder*-#500* *Tiny Thunder*-#200.If we don't care for you, who will?

( compared to ) prices are up on last year s) los precios han subido frente a los del año pasado.
On and on they talked on and on sie redeten und redeten, sie redeten unentwegt ; the noise went on and on der Lärm hörte überhaupt nicht auf; she went on and on sie hörte gar nicht mehr auf?