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Sex offender map georgia zip code

The only way to positively link an individual to a specific sex offender record is though fingerprint verification.
Sex, offender, search Page.
All information provided through this website is open record.Toolbar buttons: Aerial Photography: If the background of the map shows the standard street map, clicking this button will change the background to the aerial imagery map.It is populated by either choosing a record from the Search/Identify Results section, or by clicking on an offender in the map.The mapping component of the.Users can click on the Unmapped category to view data for additional registrants within a given area.DPS cannot guarantee the records obtained through this site relate to the person about whom information is sought.Search by offender name: enter all or part of a particular offender 's name to see if there is a match in the database.Gov website may be subject to examination and inspection, if such information is a public record or not otherwise protected from disclosure.Georgia 's Violent Sexual, offender, registry.Street Map : If the background of the map shows aerial imagery, clicking this button will change the background to the standard street map.Welcome to the Georgia Sex Offender Registry!You can single-click on any dot to retrieve detailed information about the offender at that location in the Offender Detail section, which will automatically open.However, if you feel there is an error on a sex offender registration record, please report this to the local law enforcement agency the sex offender has verified their information with.If multiple offenders are at a particular location, the results will show in the Search/Identify Results section and you may choose an individual record to see detailed information about that offender.Pan : Click this button and then click and hold on the map to drag it in any direction you would like to move.Results: Search/Identify Results: if multiple results are returned through a location search, name search, or map click, this section will automatically open and show the results.Use the zoom previous and zoom next buttons to navigate between map extents.Click individual offender on map to identify: Offenders will be shown on the map as either blue dots or yellow dots (those selected from a location search).Full Extent : Click this button to zoom out to the full exent of the state.
Et seq., or other applicable laws.

Anyone who uses any information on this website to injure, harass, or for any other unlawful purpose may be subject to criminal prosecution or civil liability.
The Texas Legislature mandates the following information regarding the offender not be public record: social security number, drivers license number, telephone number, online identifiers, and any additional information required by DPS for law enforcement purposes.
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