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It's no secret social conservatives are scrambling to find an alternative to Mitt Romney for the meet sex addicts com Republican presidential nomination, but with the Iowa caucuses just six weeks away, time is rapidly running out.
Cain has 19 percent support to Romney's.5 percent support in m's.
Trivia: Married her boyfriend of a year.But by the time the meeting ended, they still had not chosen an alternative.8-15, and Paul has.5 percent support.See more trademark: Voluptuous physique, see more star Sign: Leo, getting Started, contributor Zone ยป.One person who attended the meeting, who spoke to CNN anonymously, questioned how much difference the group would really make by throwing its support behind a candidate with weak campaign infrastructure and little existing support.Conservative voters have been almost unprecedentedly divided this election, with a string of candidates - Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain and now Newt Gingrich - each gaining and losing favor in a matter of weeks.That's why several socially conservative groups in Iowa held a secret meeting this week to strategize, CNN reported on Wednesday.Meet Others For No String Attached Dating Connect.The goal of the meeting on Monday was to settle on a preferred candidate in order to avoid splitting the conservative vote in January.The groups present at the meeting - the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition, The Family Leader, Iowa Right to Life and the Iowa chapter of Concerned Women for America - agreed that a viable anti-Romney strategy depends on endorsing a specific alternative.Iowa poll average for Nov.Our concern is that if the conservatives stay as fragmented as they are, that Romney could win the Iowa caucuses.New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida and, nevada.Conservative opposition thus far has centered on an anybody-but-Romney philosophy, which has been largely ineffective without a consensus on who the anybody might.Bachmann, Perry and Santorum seem like less realistic options.Contribute to This Page.Santorum, meanwhile, is averaging.8 percent in Iowa.And if he wins the Iowa caucuses, he'll be the nominee, Vander Plaats said.
Gingrich leads with.8 percent support, so he would be the most logical choice if the group is basing its endorsement on electability as well as ideology.

Bachmann edged out Paul to win the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa in August, but her poll numbers began to fall shortly thereafter and have never recovered: she holds.5 percent in Iowa in the m average.