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Searching cleaning lady marl

Anderson, fashe, chfm, george.
Respiro : search thai woman living in Germany to breathe /breathe again /recover /decline, diminish, ebb.
Percutio (percussum) : to strike hard, pierce, transfix /shock.
Aegroto : to languish, grow more sick, fail.Incogitatus : thoughtless, inconsiderate / spontaneous.Pello pepulli pulsum : to hit, beat /exile, drive away, banish.Temerarus : temerarius: bold, rash, imprudent, heedless.Refero : to bring again, restore, repeat, echo, reproduce, recall.Velico : to pluck, twitch /criticize, taunt.The 3" side was machined away to accept, I think, the carriage and there was a piece of 2mm steel let into the block onto which, I think, the handle rested.Incomprehensibilis : impossible to catch, incomprehensible.Incolo : incolere: to inhabit, reside somewhere, dwell (in).Fabrica : manufacture /craft, trade, art /trick, device.Multiplex : various, numerous.Flamma : flame, fire.Turpis : unseemly, dishonorable.Proles : offspring, descendants, posterity, (plants: fruit).Fartim : stuffing, filling.Identidem : again and again, repeatedly.
Mucro : a sharp point, edge, dagger point.