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Stay in the yard, OK?
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Marys Good Samaritan Hospital near Lake Oconee, according to the report.Okay, so I'm in the yard.The woman raised her arm and yelled at the brown dog to stop, and the white dog then attacked her from behind, knocking her to the ground, according to the police report.The July 19 attack occurred in the 100 block of Access Road, according to an Eatonton Police Department report.The dogs owner checked in with Eatonton Police Chief Kent Lawrence and an Animal Control official at the police station.The woman tried knocking the brown dog away with her left hand and that is when the white dog grabbed her left arm.When the woman leaned over to pick it the garbage, a second dog, described as a brown bull dog ran out from under the porch, barking and growling at the woman.The woman then walked over to the end of a neighbors driveway to pick up some trash that was in the driveway.He was reading one of his fantasy books outside in the yard.I repeat, this is a drill, gather all prisoners in the yard.You want to tell me what that was in the yard.I told her we should do it in the yard.8:00 0:35 3:41 22:13 10:11 5:06 11:58 6:00 6:35 0:55 7:00 32:58 6:00 6:43 14:15 5:09 8:16 6:00 12:21 1:48 11:38 5:56 6:35 3:31 12:03 5:03 7:09 28:18 8:04 19:45 3:59 5:08 5:00 6:13 1:52 3:59 10:55 7:01 22:35 5:56 19:29 4:56 0:37 6:46 6:00.