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Search woman for solid relationship

search woman for solid relationship

I know this to be a fact.
This phenomenon is called the, betaization Process.
While men are happy to coast along, enjoying the sex and the good times, women are at the mercy of a pitiless biological clock.Not only did she sleep with me on the first night, but she continued to do so, in secret, for months afterwards, even after she began seeing another guy.Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc.The endgame of all of this?Maybe we could talk.She has an agenda (see point 2).If a guy is seeing a twenty-three year old, and she is an eight, then there is a good chance he will want to try to cash in his chips, and depart from the table saving bonds maturity dates with his winnings by marrying her or otherwise locking her.It is something men can enjoy too, when they learn to play the game.She fucked you in the first place because you demonstrated alpha qualities that made her attracted to you.The problem is that, as guys, we are beset with a strange kind of logical failure that kicks in when we meet a cute girl. .Some of you may be aware of an article written by Tyler Durden of RSD many years ago called.
However casual, free, and easy things may seem at the start, make no mistake, your girl has an agenda.
I took her out, and was careful to dial up my r-selected traits.

This phenomenon does rather blow the lid off any fantasies of finding that one special girl to fall in love with and protect and honor through thick and skin, though womens sexuality does not make them bad people.