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He had been absent on the day following Katie's disappearance.
5 Blom had been working at the Minnesota Veteran's Home under the name "Donald Hutchinson" prior to Katie's death.Important Offender Data, offender Type : Tier 3, offender Status : Incarcerated.Blom's barber confirmed that his hair had blond tips at the time of the abduction, making him appear younger (the man in the surveillance video was assumed to be around 25 years old).Blom admitted to being at the crime scene, but denied killing her.Ann Norrlander testified that the tooth portion recovered from Blom's property was consistent with Katie's age, gender and dental work.He choked and revived one of them several times, and said he was going to rape them.Some addresses or other data might no longer be current.They did find some firearms, which Blom was not allowed to carry, given his prior convictions.Blom's account was somewhat inconsistent with the evidence.The two women whom Blom had kidnapped in 1983, who had resembled Katie as children, testified about what he had done to them.He pleaded guilty to the crime.Blom's arrest edit Donald Blom was checked soon after Katie's disappearance, sex tonight on facebook since he had a pickup truck registered to his name, with a license plate number matching looking for women from 60 the partial number provided by the witness.Aftermath edit By the time of Blom's conviction, over 200,000 had been spent on the case.

One of the witnesses gave a partial license plate number (three numbers and a letter).
2 Blom also told investigators he might have killed a man near the.
The prosecutor, Thomas Pertler, cross examined Blom asking questions about his confession, but Blom did not expand on his answers only giving yes or no answers.