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Registered sex offenders ca

registered sex offenders ca

(k).) This penalty does not include viewing information on the Main page or within the links on that page.
A website managed by the California Department of Justice includes a tool to search for sex offenders by name or location.
Penal Code 290.46, subd.
Information pertaining to schools, parks and street map data is obtained with permission of and through a license agreement with Google Inc.Read and acknowledge the disclaimer at the bottom of page.Because information can change quickly, and there may be gaps in data received, the California Department of Justice makes no representation, either express or implied, that the information on this site is complete or accurate.The complaint alleges yahoo uk adult personals that 92 percent of the profiles on the Megans Law site lack dates of conviction or release.Overview, in 1947, California became the first state in the nation to enact a sex offender registration law that required offenders convicted of specified offenses to register with their local law enforcement agency.Today, the California Sex Offender Registry continues to provide a wide range of services that support and assist the law enforcement community with the monitoring and registration of over 120,000 California sex offenders.Legal and Illegal Uses.This practice is still in place and the California Sex and Arson Registry (csar) serves as the statewide repository for information on registered sex offenders.If you believe that any information on this site is in error, please contact a police or sheriff's department, or contact the Department of Justice by e-mail.Anyone who uses this information to commit a crime or to harass an offender or his or her family is subject to criminal prosecution and civil liability.State law does not allow offenses other than the crimes for which the convicted sex offender is required to register to be disclosed here.To remedy the alleged shortfall, the lawsuit asks that the court compel the Department of Justice to update the website.Any person who is required to register pursuant to Penal Code section 290 who enters this website is punishable by a fine not exceeding 1,000, imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding six months, or by both the fine and imprisonment.The information on this website is made available solely to protect the public.
Lindsays profile notes lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age and registers that he was convicted and released in 1979, but the lawsuit alleges that the information about his conviction and release wasnt available until 2012.

Subscribe today, according to the complaint, plaintiff Roy Matagora was shot in September by someone who had viewed his profile.
Legal Limits on Disclosures.
A measure commonly known as Megans Law sought to inform people about the presence of sex offenders by having the state publish publicly available information about their offenses and whereabouts.