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Aired 7-8p ET December 01, 2017 Flynn Pleads Guilty To Lying To FBI In Russia Probe, Sources Say Kushner Told Flynn To Contact Russian Officials; Flynn Guilty Plea Brings Russia Probe To Trump's Inner Circle.
Aired 7-8p ET June 06, 2016 Sources: Trump Tells Supporters to Up Attacks on Judge; Rubio: Trump's Attacks on Judge "Wrong and Offensive.
Commander Worried Iraq Could Scale Down in isis Fight.
Aired 7-8p ET April 03, 2018 Headquarters Shooting: Suspected Female Shooter Dead, Three Wounded; Rosenstein Gets New free arizona adult personal ads Right-Hand Man On Russia Probe; Trump Stuns With Claim: "Nobody Has Been Tougher on Russia Trump Will Send Military to Guard.S.-Mexico Border; Trump on Embattled EPA.Ramp Up Security After Deadly Attack; Intel Report: Putin Ordered Campaign to Influence Election; Intel Report: Putin Ordered Campaign to Influence Election; Michelle Obama in Final Speech: "I Hope I've Made You Proud".Denies Report That Flynn Warned He Was Under Investigation; Aired 7-8p ET May 17, 2017 Justice Department Names Special Counsel In Russia Investigation, Former FBI Chief Named Special Counsel In Russia Probe; Awaiting WH Statement On Special Counsel In Russia Probe; WH Issues Statement.Airstrikes October 28, 2014 nasa Rocket Explodes on Launch; Suspicious Activity on White House Computer Network October 27, 2014 Chris Christie Not Sorry for Quarantine;.S.Preparing for North Korea's "Final Step CNN Gets Rare Access to Devastated City Where isis Fell.Aired 7- 8p ET February 26, 2016 Sweat, Wet Pants and a Surprise Endorsement.Won't Say If Trump Thinks Climate Change Is A Hoax; Aired 7-8p ET June 01, 2017 Trump Pulls Out Of Climate Deal; Senators Asked FBI To Probe Sessions For Possible Perjury.May Have Identified Foley Executioner; Poll: 50 Percent Ready and Willing To Use Military Force; isis Suspect Worshipped at Boston Mosque; Looking at 1000 Flight Paths in Search for MH-370; Baltimore Ravens on Firing Ray Rice; Scotland's Vote to Break From.K.Military Moving More Assets Into Iraq To Fight isis; Surgeon General: Measles Outbreak "At a Critical Tipping Point California Measles Cases Up 68 Percent Over Two Weeks February 03, 2015 isis Burns Hostage Alive, Jordan Vows Revenge; Deadly Virus Spreads Now Reported in 15 States;.To Extradite Lion- Killing Dentist.Aired 7-8p ET May 24, 2018 Lawmakers Briefed On Trump's "Spy" Claim Amid Russia Probe; Top Dems: White House Attorney's Presence At DOJ Meeting "Entirely Improper CNN: Trump's Legal Team Rejected January Date For Special Counsel Interview at Camp David; New Video Shows Alleged Dismantling.Official: Possible Explosion Detected Before Jet Crash; Trump Fights Back After Losing Frontrunner Status.Ebola Case as First Patient Dies; Interview with Rep.Aired 7-8p ET June 27, 2016 Brexit Turmoil Deepens, Markets Panic; Trump, Clinton Trade Barbs Over Brexit; Sources: Trump to Drop Muslim From Ban; Warren Appears at Rally with Clinton Amid.P.Trump to Act on Visa Restrictions from Middle East.

Aired 7-8p ET August 02, 2017 Trump Brags About 2 Phone Calls:.H.