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Maturity date for broccoli

The size of the flower buds was measured, starting with the oldest bud and working inward.
Recipes Herbs and spices that enhance the flavor of broccoli include basil, dill, garlic, lemon balm, marjoram, oregano, tarragon and thyme.
Removing the central head stimulates the side shoots to develop for later pickings.Cut the central head with 5 to 6 inches of stem, after the head is fully developed, but before it begins to loosen and separate and the individual flowers start to open (show millionaire wants a wife finale bright yellow).Home Preservation Freezing is the best way to preserve broccoli.The Almanac Webcam Choosen for You from The Old Farmer's Store You are here Gardening ยป Growing Guides).(Or prepare the steamer) Add carrots and broccoli stems.Freeze for up to one year at 0 degrees.The width across the two most recently exposed petioles (tip width) is constant through most of vegetative growth (5 mm).Very very helpful pages and will recommend to friends and family.Applying a starter fertilizer at transplanting gets the plants off to a good start but cannot correct all the difficulties mentioned.We found that the injury is an inhibition of the enlargement of bud primordia.Cooked broccoli should be bright green and tender-crisp.We have had some warmer weather this winter and was wondering when the best time to plant would.Imported cabbage worms are velvety green caterpillars.The large central head is the spring harvest and smaller side shoots will be ready in the fall.
Hi Floyd, it is best to harvest broccoli when the buds of the head are firm and tight before the heads flower.