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So, I decided to give it.
Do more research to see what books like yours are selling for and price accordingly.
The article IS nearly ten years old, and only deals with erotic romance, whereas all the queries I receive are about the erotica market. .Her work covers a lot of territory: bikers, pregnancy fetishes, gay bdsm, adult diapering, and lots and lots of near-incest (Amazon bans the real thing).Remember, people aren't just buying your work; they're buying your image.He's interested in Polynesian culture, so he just published a story about a fa'afafine, a member of Samoan society's "third gender." "Obviously there's not a huge market (or any market, really) for that, but it's nice to do something different once in a while.Amazon, by far the dominant platform for self-published e-books, sells around 19,000 of the titles a day, according to data compiled for the publishing data site AuthorEarnings.Under the new system launched last summer, payment is now based on the number of pages a member reads after downloading a title.She is Senior Editor at Penthouse Variations, and a Contributing Editor to Penthouse.Indie authors go about publishing their books in a myriad of unique and technical ways, depending upon which publishing platform theyre using, and in what formats theyre releasing the book. .You chose erotic romance for a reason (I hope) beyond wanting to earn big bucks. .Three years ago, Sarah Sethline, a 30-something living on the West Coast, was a freelance writer, making the kind of non-spectacular money freelance writers make.Regardless of the hard work and the uncertainty involved, erotica self-publishers get other things out.
As a 100 purely farmer wants a wife portugal indie published author, I have no need to do more than stay abreast of what is performing well on the best seller lists, which is a different sort of market intelligence altogether.