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As can clearly be seen from the Mythology section, this trope is definitely.
No, but it still works out - Thorn is nearly killed by the much more experienced Grom, but the envoy of the High King treats him as a servant one too many times ordering him to kill her.Attempted in Soul Hackers by Nemissa when trying to pass a barrier that says "No man sex addicts anonymous meetings london without the Entry Scroll may pass." It fails.When Cazaril breaks the curse, there turn out to be two distinct twists involved.He took a picture.The man still ended up on the Moon, somehow, and apparently became immortal in the process.One of the Greys decided to build a country estate called Paradise and drink the wine there, but died of a heart attack before even opening the barrel.Pity that Luke is an artificial human being who was never "born" in the usual way.Near the end, a Eureka Moment reveals the truth: the prophecy is actually written for the Storm King, telling him how to return to power.Nut bore Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nepthys on four of these five days.The mythic king of Denmark Frode I was given a set of armor that could resist steel, so nothing could wound him.There's an Irish story in which a farmer sells his soul to the Devil for enough money to send his three sons to school as a doctor, a priest, and a lawyer.