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Jay essex contact

jay essex contact

The number 4 ranking officer in his federation, his fleet is a family member and I was doing lets see, somewhere Ive got it on paper.
So a lot of times when someone says theyre talking to a spirit guide, theyre probably often talking to their higher selves?They still do because everybody thats in a body, have Angels, 1-5 angels with them, okay.There are a few exceptions and well go there later, like when negativity screws.I keep seeing a lot of ships.Laughing) There is no of course flat earth.I told him a few things about himself and he said, Hes a fruit loop, hes got to be, a carnival because howd he know that?Woooowww) We have our 60 year old woman dating younger man armadas of ships out in space for a little more than.1 million years this planet has been protected by satellites.When the fighting is going on on the other side, it was so powerful and stuff I had things coming to me Archangel Michael, Angel of Light Lucifer the protector, (A.Hey sweetie, we having fun yet?Placing orders, how it works: You place an order through our shopping cart.And he was saying, why dont I not just kill all of them?Um, Im trying to see someone seeing that and Im actually see it happen.(small noise and J says Ive been waiting to do this and get rid of this piece of Lydia.When did this batch of angels the 85 you are referring to when did they get removed?So is a possession different from a psychic attack?I dont care if its cards, if its seeing, reading (A.Now there was also something else going.Its m or he also has another one called m which has all that cool stuff with stones.Yeah, but the thing is, theres a lot of things going on in the water where they go on and off planet and stuff like that people say is it a vortex?I wake up in the morning and it takes me a little bit to get rid of them so I have to keep getting hold of them, cleaning them.Thats you when youre not in the body when you want to do that for someone.
Now we all have a core energy that goes up and down the body.