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I'm looking for pretty woman

Her brother Rau arguably plays this straight as he's a fairly handsome man and arguably the most noble of all four of them.
66 References edit "Alison Bechdel Audio Name Pronunciation".
The first story to intentionally and properly subvert the trope is "The Sensorites" the Sensorites are hideous beings (similar to the Ood in the new series) who are introduced to us performing a constant campaign of psychic Mind Rape on the occupants of a human.Who promptly snaps in response.Gren from Cowboy Bebop.Total Drama has three of the four main antagonists being shown as extremely attractive (two of them, Justin and Alejandro, even using their looks to get ahead).He's also a Manipulative Bastard who plots to Take Over the World sex offender list 08753 via Mind Rape.And they're on our side.Missy is a classy middle-aged woman whose mannerisms are cheery and polite; anyone would side with her over the Twelfth Doctor based on first impressions.In season 2, Russ is introduced, a very ugly lawyer, but that is very kind-hearted and dedicated to help the little guy due to having been bullied by his family due to his looks and stuttering, his family, particularly his brother Doug, are all very.Suriou from Kamisama Kiss."Could you jump up and down for us, mister?" Cale from Looking for Group is often referred to as "she" by Richard when the latter is still getting to know him, even after he's well aware that Cale is male.Played with in Superior.Although their enemies in the first season were commonly monstrous looking, and when they began to look like ordinary humans, they were usually greasy and dirty looking, as if they'd been living in a cave.Laurie Voss, CTO of npm, proposed a Bechdel test for software.An unsung aversion is The Muppet Show and to some extent Sesame Street as well.The Nameless One is covered from head to toe with scars.Forrest from Fire Emblem Fates continues the trend.
Subverted in both of Disney's Cinderella sequels, where Anastasia is an ugly stepsister but is a nicer person.

In the original Art of Fighting, King was a villain with a more masculine build and a homely face (presumably to help hide the twist of her being a woman ).
Played straight in Noblesse.