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We wish you all lekkere lentekriebels!
Start a conversation using a diminutive In Dutch, diminutives often have nothing to do with the actual size of things.
All in all, it is hard to think of an easier and more enjoyable way to start practicing your Dutch than some harmless flirting with a friendly Dutchy on a sunny terrace - possibly enjoying some well-deserved Heineken, or a lekker wijntje.
For more information, please comment below or visit their website.In this article: How to flirt with that special Dutchman / woman in the early spring sunshine?Copy link to clipboard.Other no-go areas These no-go areas include: - appreciative noises (yes, those are common in some circles) - any (explicit, metaphorical, lyrical, etc.) comments on your belle / beaus appearance - open displays of courtliness, machismo, or sexism (in Dutch eyes, it is quite hard.Never miss a local oportunity!What you should not.The mother of all diminutive flirting phrases, vuurtje?Forget our advice and just go for it!Copy embed to clipboard.Don't confuse leuk and lekker, it is easy to overdo it with compliments when flirting in Dutch.Use your Camera local sex contacts in winona kansas to start VideoChat, allow access the Camera in your browsers Settings.To help you get started straight away, they offer some phrases to deal with the Dutch in day-to-day life.The trick is to keep it simple and use as few words as possible to a maximum effect - an idea that might sound quite appealing to new speakers of Dutch.I Feel A Little Naughty flirt flirty naughty, share to iMessage.

Direct Dutch Institute recommends speaking Dutch as often as possible - even if all your Dutch colleagues speak English, and even if you only know a few words of Dutch. .
Lekker means something like tasty, yummy, or luscious (yes, including the sensual connotation) and relates to things you "like with your body.".
Play the foreigner card Say any Dutch sentence you have picked so far - revision of chapter one of your (online) course might help here - look very proud and clearly state that you are practicing your Dutch.