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40New York Daily News David Hinckley- sex offenders free search farmer wants a wife Farmer Wants a Wife feels about as "real" as "The Dukes of Hazzard suggesting it should be viewed in much the same spirit.
Cookie Use and, data Transfer outside the."18-49" is the percentage of all adults aged 1849 tuned into the show.Upon arrival Matt announces that this is going to be the first challenge.Assuming that's what you call it when one guy's ordering 10 aspiring brides through a series of ridiculously staged agricultural challenges to find the one who'll win the right to have her name mentioned in People magazine when they break.But are city girls really just country girls with cuter outfits, or will the series of farm-based challenges send the ladies packing?While Brooke, 23, shares farmer Matts love of hunting, the farm life might not be enough for 22-year-old Christa from New York, who says shes constantly searching for something new and fun.Genre(S Reality (Competitive created BY: Adam Cohen, cara Tapper.Farmer Wants a Wife is a reality television series developed by, fremantle Media.Matt announces that his neighbor needs a hand collecting chickens.After its UK debut in 2001, the show had more than 10 localised versions around the world, with mixed ratings reports.Premiered in spring 2008, the.They are looking for farmer s who are hard-working, fun-loving, family-oriented, and who love the traditional, small-town way of life.The guy IS kinda cheap.Challenge: Steve's Chores (Milk Goats, Spray Paint Cows and Clean Stalls) Challenge Winner: Krista Chosen For Date: Stacey Date: Watching a home movie Elimination: Bingo Eliminated: Josie "Wet 'n Wild" edit Original Airdate: May 14, 2008 Challenge: Driving a tractor across a field and throwing.Contents, the farmer edit.But her refusal to leave the farm without a proper parting gift after he told her to ride off was sorta justified.25New York Post Linda Stasi - farmer wants a wife Farmer Matt produces two products in surplus amounts: cheese and corn.If you are, this show wants to talk to you.30Los Angeles Times Robert Lloyd - farmer wants a wife The American Farmer is more.What the farmer wants a wife critics said 42Entertainment Weekly Gillian Flynn- farmer wants a wife It's trying to be juicy, stupid fun, but it isn't smart enough.30Washington Post Jennifer Frey - farmer wants a wife Finally, a reality show that doesn't even try to pretend it's not a big, cliched setup.
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The girls prepare for the elimination and arguments continue between the other girls and Josie.