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Sussex had an iron working industry since the Roman period.
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The cricket ground at Arundel Castle traditionally plays host to a Duchess of Norfolk 's XI which plays the national test sides touring England.Historically, the west of the county has had a tendency towards Catholicism while the east of the county has had a tendency towards non-conformism.Much of Sussex was a Roman canton of the Regnenses or Regni, with its capital at Noviomagus Reginorum, modern-day free fuck contacts without logging in Chichester.Æthelwealh gave Wilfrid land on the Manhood peninsula, close to his own royal estate and Wilfrid founded Selsey Abbey.11 Sussexs six martlets are today held to symbolise the traditional six sub-divisions of the county known as rapes.Brighton and Hove was granted.Administrative divisions edit Historic sub-divisions edit Main article: Rape (county subdivision) Map of Sussex in 1851 showing the six Rapes A rape was a traditional sub-division of the county of Sussex.Retrieved "BBC News - Sussex".Economy edit Much of the Sussex Weald consists of wet sticky clays or drought-prone acid sands and is often broken up into small irregular fields and woods by the topography, making it unsuitable for intensive arable farming.The South Saxons were a Germanic tribe that settled in the region from the North German Plain during the 5th and 6th centuries."Biography: Wilfrid Scawen Blunt (1840-1922.Lamb House was subsequently home to both.F.London: Longmans, Green and.New York: Overlook Duckworth, 2007,.55-7,.85; "Archived copy".If you want to find out more about the projects weve worked on, please read through the projects section of our website.Department for Communities and Local Government.For other uses, either see.JM Keynes lived at Tilton near Firle from 1925 to 1946 In the 20th century, Frederick Soddy won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on radioactive substances, and his investigations into the origin and nature of isotopes.Some areas of Sussex are in the top 5 per cent most deprived in the UK and, in some areas, two-thirds of children are living in poverty.
It is home to the 18th century beer brewers, Harveys of Lewes as well as many more recently established breweries.

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