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Several accounts allude to his Squadron members being visibly shocked at Marseille's physical state.
After landing he drove out to the crash site.Mit Eichenlaub und Schwertern.213 Squadron RAF, of which Marseille claimed five shot down.However, the records of the individual Allied squadrons involved:.Stephan Bungay has pointed out the low military value of shooting down DAF fighters, rather than the bombers that, by mid-1942, were having a highly damaging effect on Axis ground units and hot local sex convoy routes.Marseille then returned to Germany for two months leave and the following day was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords.135 Pilot Officer Bradley-Smith (92 Sqn) bailed out of his burning Spitfire VC BR474.But it is still more comfortable to sleep on than a regular Kopfkissen.Robin Pare was killed in this action; Captain RL Morrison, Lieutenant VS Muir and 2nd Lieutenant CA Cecil Golding were wounded.5 Squadron saaf and Mk I Kittyhawks.1 September 1942 was Marseille's most successful day, claiming to destroy 17 Allied aircraft (nos.However, individual usaaf personnel had been attached to DAF units since July.Later that afternoon two Bf 109s overflew 451 Squadron's base and dropped a note informing them that Byers had survived, but was badly burned.She was a woman who knew that life was to be lived so stop whining.One month after I return, one month from today, I and my family will be leaving our current house and moving to another modern little number in the suburbs where my parents will grow old together (you can see that I know they dont read.Andrew Duncan (5.5 claims who was killed.

As Marseille began to claim Allied aircraft regularly, on occasion he organised the welfare of the downed pilot personally, driving out to remote crash sites to rescue downed Allied airmen.