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Cleaning lady looking for solingen

cleaning lady looking for solingen

There are any number of cleaners you can use, but this is what I went with, and it worked like a sex contacts uk charm.
If you cant find any identifying information on your vintage blade, snap a picture, upload it to any number of knife forums ( m is a good one and get someone else on the case.Text a link to your phone so you can quickly get directions, see photos, and read reviews on the go!, your carriers rates may apply.Most vintage knives need a good sharpening.After cleaning, I was also able to read the product number at the base of the blade (barely).For this project youll want a true penetrating oil rather than just a multi-use lubricating spray like WD-40.Its hard to read in this image, but the gold shield here on the knife reads Frontier.There are many thousands of varieties that have been made for decades and decades, they can often be cheaply acquired at antique stores and garage sales, they store great in a shoebox (or in a pocket and are eminently useful.They arent perfect, but are in far better condition than what I started with.Or maybe youve started collecting antique pocket knives in earnest.Wipe away all the oil with a cloth.Itll shine like new!The first thing youll want to do is wipe the knife down with a wet paper towel, including the space between the scales (the scales are just the outer pieces of the knife handle between them is where the blade lies).
Most vintage knives will have build up there, and will therefore be a little creaky on opening and closing the knife.
Sharpen blade as needed.