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(Paul Lockwood, Willi Reber) 8th December 2014 bayern Today's news comes courtesy of Harald Scheider and Ralph Forster's excellent new Bierführer Ostbayern.
( Alex Deuerlein ) The Moerser Brauhaus is expected to reopen next month almost five years after it closed.
Brauerei Sandforth has a small tap room used after brewery tours but unless you're a visitor the beers are only available from a couple of local drinks markets listed on the website.The kettles arrived at the former Hansano dairy at the end of October.(uns) There'll be a grand opening party for Nikl Bräu in Pretzfeld next weekend.The sole remaining beer is contracted-out.Is this a planned brewery, a cuckoo or neither?Flessa Br äu is a micro in the Friedrichshain district.Staff report the beers come from Karlsruhe but do not know which brewery.They appear to have had some help from Stiftsscheuer in nearby Kirchheim.They currently brew a Helles and a Dunkles Lager but plan to add other beers to the range.The brewing equipment was removed in 2007 and exported to the United States.Barfüßer in Memmingen was selling its own beer by November.Oberammergau, famous for its Passion Play, has gained its first brewery since Brauerei Knauer closed in 1973.I have contacted them and been told the brewery remains shut and the house beer is brewed wessex local medical committee elsewhere.(Gernot Wildung) 9th June 2015 bayern Ralph Forster, co-author of the excellent " Bierführer " series of Bavarian beer guides (together with Harald Schieder has been in touch with some news, most of it good.(OB) saarland Although brewed under contract, Krogenbräu of Saarbrücken may be worth keeping an eye.Gunnar Martens of Mein Sudhaus principally runs brew courses but does sell some beer at festivals and also by the barrel from home.Unfortunately, they no longer brew.There a two house-brewed beers available at the Märkische Bierstuben - a hell in the Pilsener style, and a dunkel.(Roman Drüg) rheinland-pfalz July saw the opening of Bahnhof Cues, a brewpub in Bernkastel-Kues with beers under the Casanus Bräu.No date has yet been set for opening.A hobby but a commercial one, Wiesbadener Braumanufaktur was set-up by Daniel Benker and Holger Erbe in 2015.
Schmölz, near Küps, may have a brewery.

(Sascha Bruns) 10th June 2015 bayern After months of uncertainty and rumour, I can confirm Brauerei Sauer in Gunzendorf has closed.