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Tax receipts will be made available at the meeting.
00 -13.00 Plenary Session 3 for all participants.
Regine Pra t: Paris Psychoanalytic Society Jordi Sala: Spanish Psychoanalytic Society Michael Sebek : Czech Psychoanalytic Society David Tuckett : British Psychoanalytical Society Fee 250 Euros for participants enrolled before February 28th Euros thereafter.Up to 5 Moderated Small Group Workshops continue using the CCM method.Coffee Break.15.30, up to 5 Moderated Small Group Workshops continue using the CCM method.Clearly, when threats are in the atmosphere, doors get closed as ways of thinking about them, their origin and the alternative ways they might be dealt with, all become hard.Vienna Vienna is an easy city to visit with good cafes and restaurants and many excellent museum.Some informal large-group presentations, describing the Associations work over the last year, will also take place - this year focusing on the theme of pain in the analytic session and how its recognition can become an opportunity.These formulations are then further discussed in the moderators' group some months later and the overall thoughts eventually fed back to the workshop group and the presenter.Presenters have to be arranged well ahead for these workshops and so we wish to incentivise those registering early.Session A (Presentation, Discussion, 1st 2 Interventions discussed in Step 1) (2 hours 30 minutes).30, free in Vienna, saturday 26th May.00 -12.30 with coffee break 20 minutes.Reports from the Moderators.To register please click.Pain in the Analytic Session: Threat or Opportunity?
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If you are a candidate or not a member older men looking for young wife of the IPA please contact one of the moderators or email.