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Adult naughty cartoons

Batman : Harley Strikes Again Queen of subtlety Harley Quinn is back, using any double-entendre she can to win the Joker.
As children, we have such innocent minds that are swept away from the adult conditioning.
Cartoons are made for kids, but theyre made by adults adults who understand that parents make up a good deal of their audience.Animaniacs : Prince.Most children would fat men looking for gay sex have been left scratching their heads thinking about mature women looking for sex Shrek's question.Okay, source:.Advertisement SpongeBob SquarePants: TV After Dark Based on his reaction when Gary walks in, SpongeBobs anemone viewing is, in his world, more than just a nature show.What in the world was going through the minds of these people when they were creating this episode Well, in case you still dont get which cartoon is it, then let me tell you that its the legendary.Rugrats : Grandpa Loves Lonely Space Vixens.It is like our minds are not spoiled or we simply are too young to keep knowledge of certain things in life.Advertisement The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack: I Want Candy Captain Knuckles candy withdrawals look awfully familiar.Loading Video Content, the Flinstones : Barneys Three Heads, fred and Barneys trip to the costume shop leads to a beautifully subtle joke about Barneys two heads.When Grandpa is left to babysit Tommy and Chuckie, he reveals that he will be enjoying some space-themed adult content once they go to bed.Hahahahaha this IS TOO much!Updated on December 14, 2017, a surprisingly large number of cartoons and kids' movies have adult jokes sneakily added for adults' enjoyment.Source: m, too much information for kids.Scooby Doo sexism, this subtle bit of sexism would have had the dads chuckling.
Advertisement Rockos Modern Life: Talk Dirty to Me Remember: Be hot, be naughty, and be courteous.

Rugrats got in on the action. .
Source: Cartoon Network, do anyones parents behave like that even?
Damn, source: m, that doesnt affect me, at least.