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2 the case of death, farmer wants a wife

Providing Housing and Accommodations to Settlers - The Authority may help provide housing and other accommodations for the new settlers upon their arrival in the settlement areas by the stationing them in properly surveyed and subdivided lots reserved for the purpose: help them organize community.
Any agreement or contract between the farm employer or manager and the farm worker contrary to the provisions of this Section shall be null and void.The claims transferred under this Section shall not be considered as part of the Government's subscription to the capital of the Bank.The judge, in his discretion, may order that but one session per day shall be held instead of two, at such hours as he may deem expedient for the convenience both of the Court and of the public; but the number of hours that the.Loaning Activities - Loaning activities of the Agricultural Credit Administration shall be directed to stimulate the development and operation of farmers' cooperatives.He shall keep this registry together with a copy of each contract entered therein, and make annotations on said registry of all subsequent acts relative to each contract, such as its renewal, novation, cancellation, etc.The amount appropriated shall be carried in succeeding appropriations for the Courts of Agrarian Relations.To carry out the provisions of this Section, there is hereby appropriated the sum of five hundred thousand pesos out of the unappropriated funds in the National Treasury.These loans from the Land Authority shall be non-interest bearing, shall constitute a lien upon the land, and shall be amortized over a period of ten years, payable annually beginning with the end of the third sex offender list mississippi year, after the date of arrival in the settlement.A search of the property revealed a hand-dug grave, the sheriff said.The justice of the peace shall cause the third copy to be delivered to the municipal treasurer of the municipality where the land is located and the fourth copy to the Office of the Agrarian Counsel.The Bank shall be operated as an autonomous body and shall be under the supervision of the Central Bank.Form and Registration of Contract - Should the parties decide to reduce their agreement into writing, the agricultural leasehold contract shall be drawn in quadruplicate in a language or dialect known to the agricultural lessee and signed or thumb-marked both by the agricultural lessee personally.While walking through the wooded area,.The incident took place at about 00:20 on Saturday morning.
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